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“I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us.” —Dave Ramsey
Still, let’s not forget about the software.

Who we are

Our objective as a software company is to provide our clients with the best solution they need. We strongly believe that the value of a software system is not only in the functionalities it provides but also in the way it provides them.

At INSTEAD, we believe more in experiencing a software system than just using it. We have brought together top-level technology with key financial expertise to build software solutions operating in the capital market. Whether it is for professionals or academics, we bring our expertise to corporate banks as well as financial training institutions.

We provide our clients with

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Custom software solutions
for banks and exchange offices

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Reporting and dashboarding solutions

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Updates and enhancements
to existing solutions


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Heard of FinLabs?

One of our most successful products designed for training in the capital market. It is our flagship product in the finance department.

Those who trust us

Polytechnique International
IHE Paris
IHE Sousse
IHE Sfax
Tunis Business School
Polytechnique Tunisie
IHE Tunis

Contact us

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