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What is FinLabs exactly?
FinLabs is a platform that recreates the realism of the trading environment and provides the opportunity to connect traders in a realistic simulated treasury environment, covering:
  • Capital market organization
  • Dealing room front to back office tools
  • FX and MM instruments life cycle
  • Spot, forward, swap OTC pricing
  • P&L and risk factor calculations
  • Position management
  • Macroeconomic indicators simulations
  • Economic events analysis
  • Dealing on interbank and corporate markets
  • Market risk monitoring
  • Market risk management
  • Interactive market environment
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What is FinLabs?

FinLabs provides deep understanding of the mechanisms of financial markets and explains ways to manage strategies while facing diverse assets in different currencies.
Our system enables participants, in a real-time environment, to deal with each other as well as with virtual market takers by designing and implementing their own strategies.

How will FinLabs achieve that?

The workshop introduces participants to the mechanics and terminologies of trading and treasury management related to Capital Market Instruments. Participants will come to understand the various interdependencies of the different markets and products:
  • How to achieve rate contribution
  • How to manage currency positions
  • How to interpret economic news
  • How to implement and complete a market quotation strategy and a market risk appetite

Who can benefit from the training?

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  • Finance and business students
  • Business schools
  • Financial training centers
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  • Middle office operations
  • Market risk officers
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  • Rookie dealers
  • Junior dealers
  • Traders
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  • Front office sales
  • Auditors and compliance officers
  • IT dealing room software developers
  • Accounting officers

Our training sessions

ABF, Currency
Exchange Office

October 9, 2018

For the first time in Tunisia, a training program on the foreign exchange market has been held. The ABF uses new technologies for a practical digital training session with a realistic simulation .


November 23, 2018


December 13, 2018

The first training session for universities held at IHE Tunis school of business was really successful. Most students in the Financial Engineering Master program showed really good performance during the training session.

Our partners

Polytechnique International
IHE Paris
IHE Sousse
IHE Sfax
Tunis Business School
Polytechnique Tunisie
IHE Tunis